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The bridge course is a 3-month programme. Weekdays and weekend batches are available. Refer to our batch details.

Please note that recordings will be accessible post the sessions.

All the essential information like the timetable, schedule, course, and curriculum will be shared by our teachers once you enrol with us. Click on the link for more details. (team)

Teachers will begin the sessions on time. We recommend students join timely. Although, for any missed concepts kindly refer to the recordings of the sessions.

The Bridge Course is available in English.

Admission to a particular batch is valid only for a limited number of days. In case your child is offered to join an ongoing batch - we will arrange extra sessions to cope with the current syllabus and recordings shall be made available.

This option is available only for classes 6-10.

To ensure individual attention to each child, the teacher-student ratio is 1:20 (1 teacher for twenty children).

Yes, you may book an appointment with our teacher through an appointment booking form which will be provided to you during the orientation. However, the teacher will be communicating with you regularly via the LMS (Learning Management System).


Your child will be assessed before beginning and after completion of each concept. The reports of the same shall be shared with you on a regular basis.

Our curriculum is in alignment with NCERT and NEP 2020 policies. The curriculum is imparted digitally during classes from world recognised Oxford university press. Our teachers are strenuously trained to teach online with the latest technology and best online teaching methodologies. Teachers are qualified and experienced at TCO1 as we do not compromise on the quality of teaching.

We believe parents play a significant role in their child's learning. We will help the child recapitulate and recall the class topics. However, practising and revising the syllabus at home under the parent's guidance is highly appreciated.

We offer the provision of bridging gaps in language subjects as well for which you may enquire about our language club formed to encourage linguistic skills in any regional or foreign language.

The Bridge course covers the key relevant topics and concepts to lay the foundation of the class your child is enrolled in.

At present our bridge course is available to students for grades Nursery-Class 10th.

Yes, after every concept and before beginning a new concept, we have an exit and entry slip to check whether our learner has understood the concept or not. Moreover, practice worksheets are also sent to the students every week.

Yes, the progress shall be mapped for each concept covered during sessions. A detailed analysis report and an E-Certificate shall be provided upon completion of the Bridge programme course.

Doubt-clearing sessions can be arranged for the child on prior requests ONLY.

Recreational classes are hobby classes organised on two Saturdays in the morning. These hobby classes can be in dance, Arts, Social emotional learning, Fitness, Science fun activities or storytelling and more... Recreational activities are planned to release stress and encourage creative thinking in our children.

Yes, for each concept we shall have Objective based questions or discussions along with practice papers which will be shared only once a week to balance the homework stress. We believe in engaging students during classes with a project-based learning approach rather than giving them loads of homework to complete. Practice sheets shall be subjective with limited and relevant questions shared once a week. Observations made during classes shall be the basis of detailed report analysis.


Fees paid are non-refundable.

A child with any Indian education board who needs help with the concepts of the current or previous year or any grade level can enrol with us. Refer to our curriculum for more clarity (link)

Our main aim behind providing bridge classes is to bridge any learning gaps that they might be experiencing. The special thing about our classes is the flexibility of grade levels provided to the child. We do not restrict the admission of children to only their grade levels. A child who wishes to enrol in a grade level which is not in accordance with his/her grade can also do so. Our bridge classes are very interactive and child-centred which will encourage your child to actively participate in the classes.

The Bridge Course is a uniquely designed, intensive 12-14 weeks course that covers key learning concepts of a particular class for identified subjects. Concepts have been carefully picked up to strengthen their academic foundation without burdening them with the content of an entire year. It helps students build on their existing knowledge, develop a sound understanding of concepts and fill any learning gaps that they experience.

Technical support

An orientation session will be conducted before the sessions. In case of technical support, kindly contact our technical team for any queries. Tutorial videos shall be shared for future reference as well.

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